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Sunday, 26 July 2009

im BACK!


Oh man, finally! i FINALLY found the password for this blog,

you know, it made me so "ganjiong" when i forgot the password. thanks PEW. for changing the password that cause me to FORGET. HAHAHA , okok. its the past already.

As almost EVERYONE of you know,

Keely went for the Singapore , Xing guang da dao PK!

she's the top 20 in the wholeeeeeee PK competition in Singapore!

she's the ONE that made into top 20.

she's the ONE that made us PROUD of her.

she's the ONE that PROVES to everyone who once looked down on her.

(she proves you wrong!)

she's the ONE that sings extremely well on that day (:

she's the ONE that shows everyone that she COULD sing.

IF you think she couldn't sing, then WHAT'S the title. "Singapore Xing guang da dao PK" Top 20 for?! hahahaha!

we ARE SO PROUD of her! well done keelywee(=!

Even thou, she didnt managed to have the chance to go Taiwan for the actual PK competition in taiwan,
DOSENT MEAN, she's not good.
If you ever think that way, then oh... ure so lame(= .

Once again!
Thanks every SINGLE keely FANS for coming down that day to show your support towards KEELY.

I believe,
She KNOW that , we have been supporting her in whatever she do behind her back! :DD

Continue and rock on with the keelyfc as well as KEELYWEE.
THANKYOU! *CLAPS* hahahahah!

And oh,
THANK YOU, for reading. hehehee.

-)estine!(: *xt.