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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

111th ` Videos&pictures. at Eunos cc event :)

Hello! :D
Alright . am here now , to upload some videos and pictures taken yesterday at Eunos cc Event.
(: If you guys want any of the videos , to be stored inside your computer, tag at the tagboard, with your email address. i'll send to you asap ;)
alright, lets start . here we go~

Alright am done!:) enjoy these videos and pictures.
I cant upload both of the performance clip up here, for dont know what reason. so therefore.
we had to trouble you to copy and paste this link , to view keely's performance at (:
街角的祝福 -Keely .
换季 - Keely.
Yeap . Thanks alot .
Keely will be having alot of upcoming events. The next event coming up will be at ,
IMM Level 3 (Garden Plaza) .
She will only be singing 1 song i think , i'll double check and edit this post by 29/5/2008.
So Please please , go and support keely wee! :DD
~More events coming up . Check this blog often YO :D


Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Upcoming events.

Hey hello peeps!
Alright i'll blog 2 events at the same time now. First event upcoming in just 3 days time!
its at eunos cc ! its an indoor event. therefore, you will need tickets to enter. so, if you want tickets. Please tag the tagboard OR add the keelyfc members, Jim (: @ so, ask from him . he will be online everyday . so tickets are Limited please confirm with him Before the event lastest by 25/26 May 2008! (: do not confirm at the very last minute, 27may (:
the event will most prob start at 7.30pm . BUT , please be there early (: to find the place.
and collect tickets. thanks (:
The tickets are FREE (:

Venue: IMM Level 3 (Garden Plaza)
Date: 1 June 2008 (Sunday)

Time: 5-10pm (1700- 2030 stage event, 2030-2200 movie screening)

Hosts: Lin Cui Fang, Jeremy Chan

Party with the best of Channel U this June!
Be the first to see the very first live performance by the 16 finalists from SuperBand 2008 and get up close and personal with the 16 finalists of U Are the One.
Meet Mediacorp Stars from the latest and upcoming Channel U programmes!
Exciting lineup of the day also includes:
- Performance by Project SuperStars and Campus SuperStars Daren Tan, Diya, Huang Zhi Yang, Teresa Tseng, Shawn and Keely

- Performance by MiLuBing

- Special appearance by SuperBand hosts Dasmond Koh and Lin Peifen, U Are the One hosts Fiona Xie and Adam Chen, On the Beat hosts Vivian Lai and Lee Teng.

- Special appearance by cast from Channel U’s very own local drama "Perfect Cut", including Thomas Ong, Michelle Chia, Julian Hee, Apple Hong and others.

- Premiere screening of Japanese movie 10 Promises to My Dog

- Charity auction of exclusive Channel U collectibles (please refer to for details)
- Games with prizes to be won!

Yeap. thats all! (:
And , keely exams is coming real soon! (: so tag and wish her goodluck yea! ;)
For those who are going to the above 2 event. we shall seeyaaaaa there! =DD

*anymore question to ask. tag at the tagboard. we will reply asap! :D



Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mother's day! (:

Hey hi people! (:
Its been a long time , since the last post for this blog yea . so let me post something interesting , to make it alive k! (: haha .
well , its 12.26am now . Its SUNDAY! (: Wow , whats so interesting about Sunday? hahah! i hope you guys wont forget its mother's day today! .. so Remember , to wish your mother , a very Happy mother's day!(: . So , Guys . Enjoy yourself today! (: and make your mum happy .
Once again , Wish ALL the mother , HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! (: YEA~
hahaha! opps , sorry . zi-high . =/

oh and yea ,
To the nana ,
Stop tagging childish things lah . it wont affect anyone , or any of the fans in Keelyfc one .
So STOP wasting your time by tagging things that dosent make sense . Get a life (:
As i said , how many childish things you tagged, i'll delete 1 . i mean it . (:

Okay nights everyone !(:
*Events coming up REAL REAL soon! :)
So keep a lookout on this blog , whenever you'r FREE this month!

Nights nights~
xT` (=