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Keely Wee
D.O.B: 13th Nov 1990
Education: Victoria JC Year 2(2008)
Colour: Red, Baby blue, Green and Orange
Fruits: Strawberries
Hobbies: K-ing
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Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Hello peepoles! :D

Alright. seems like there's spammer or insulter at the tagboard yeah =/. But no worries!
I've already ban & deleted those tag.

DELETE dosent make us look timid. or scared of you,
BAN dosent mean we'r afriad that you will spam nonsense. :DD SO,
Dont get the wrong idea yeah, (=

You can go and use other IP address and spam.
we will just think you'r just so dam childish (= Spam again, i'll ban.
again, and i will do the same thing (=

Hmmmm.. keely fans, continue to keep the tagboard alive! and gathering is reaching soon, like uhhh..
9 days?

people that are chosen to go for the gathering , we will update your name here asap! .
So , Do Keep a lookout in this blog as often as you can! (=

Okay, takecare!

-]estine (=