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Keely Wee
D.O.B: 13th Nov 1990
Education: Victoria JC Year 2(2008)
Colour: Red, Baby blue, Green and Orange
Fruits: Strawberries
Hobbies: K-ing
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Thursday, 28 August 2008


* i know i am late for 4 days... but better den nothing!

Last year that very day [monday] Keely was announced female winner!! AHHH
Screams!! cheers!! Can be heard ringing in the live studio of media corp and may too also at your very house when you await for the result to be announce.
Its a day when all hard worked sow is ripped, a day when all tears are tears of joy for no matter who is the winner... it doesn't matter! For in every one's heart... every one is already a winner! Its not easy to come this far...
So once again...
Keely Wee!! As the 1st Runner up FEMALE champion of Campus SuperStar2.
Forever our little princess who sang her heart out,
Forever her name is scripted in history,
Forever our superstar in our hearts!!
Aren't you proud of her? heehee...

**Finally, it has been a year... and this blog has been open for one year!
Hopefully it can continue to last... I would also like to thank all those fans who have been supporting her and also coming to this blog! So come often, tag more and have fun ok!?HEE!!

PEOPLE!! get ready to see Keely for the first time as a actress on 心花多多开2!!!
But even so her exams are still driving her crazy!! (:
so once again i do encourage u all to encourage her... i bet it will help her alot!! (:
so email your fan art? wishes? to
ok? oh oh... previously i recieved quite a few its already sent to Keely personally! she too appreciate it... but due to her busy schedule she apologies for not replying to the individuals.


Love, pew!