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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

hey all :)

ping chang xin is ready to be download...can check from the tagboard...
tis keely sang to you GUYS!!for supporting her so much :D hahaa:)

do support her on final okie as it will be 100% voting if i nt wrong :)

btw.the top 10 cd...keely will be singing "yuan lai ai qing zhe meng shan" by Gigi leung :)

and ...sun got a event @ plaza singapura inside....level 1... @ 3pm...those who wan to go n support keely ,pls email to jim or me wif ur contact no. haha...and do wear orange shirt if u dun hav our fc shirt....

as the rest are asking abt the fc shirt, it cost about $18 :) to jim if u wan ok ?

Once again Thanks for supporting KEELY :)